David Vigner was born on October 17, 1984. He graduated from Prague film school FAMU - film directing. With his film Bozena (2010) he won an award for the first place at the festival The Night of Film Hopefuls (orig. Noc filmovych nadeji) in the category viewer's favorite film. His significant authorial film is the Civic Hope (2014), starring Jan Potmesil and Martin Dejdar. Beside of his authorial production, he is an implementer of five successful preventive movies: Between the Walls (2007), Between Them (2010), By Themselves (2012). On the Edge (2015) and the Jacob (2016). His documentary work is also notable. Especially the film The City of the Green (2006), Silesian Detroit (2013), Ten Stars (2014) and the Kuks - A Pomegranate (2015).